Here are two clips from Ordinary Days.
They were filmed at the Original Cast Recording CD Launch in New York City,
and feature the amazing Kate Wetherhead.

Here is the opening number to the 2012 Tony Awards. What an incredible night!

This is my Verizon Wireless commercial. So much fun to shoot.
Check out the mullet at the beginning. Truly horrible.

This is a medley I did with Cait Doyle for her show
"Hot Mess In Manhattan" at Don't Tell Mama's.   She's hilarious.

This is another song I did at "Hot Mess..."
It's by Eli Bolin and Sam Forman.  They are twisted and I love them.

This is an improvised musical from "Don't Quit Your Night Job".
Its a little dirty, but otherwise, very funny. 
Also featured are: Asmeret Ghebremichael, Jason Kravitz,
Sarah Saltzberg, Christian Anderson, Ashley Morris, and Tara Copeland.

The Spelling Bee boys (Stanley Bahorek, Aaron Albano, and me) sang this awesome
Air Supply Medley at Joe's Pub. It was for a concert called Broadway Loves the 80's.
Stanley arranged it. I love having talented friends.